Mou I-yo

Mou I-yo v01 ch01 pg06

Title: Mou I-yo

Alternative Title: Mou Ii yo

Author/Artist: K

Year: 2010

Demographic: Shoujo, Romance, School Life

Status: Completed, 1 Volumes

Kataoka (male) and Sato (female) have been friends since they were little. Kataoka has much better hearing than the average human, and he says Sato’s voice is the most noisy of all. He has grown into a teenager able to hear everything from far around him–the good and bad. Now that the two of them are teenagers, Sato is affiliated with the school newspaper club, and Kataoka has mostly isolated himself. When the newspaper club decides to look into the truth behind some ‘supernatural’ rumors, Sato manages to convince Kataoka to lend the club his abilities.


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[Vol. 01] Chapter 01 >> Download Link (MF) || Read Online

[Vol. 01] Chapter 02 >> Translating and Cleaning in Progress

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