Are we back?

Hi, everyone!

This is Phio from Raindrops Scanlations. Thank you to everyone who may still visit this deserted blog. Raindrops went on hiatus for years; the blog and forum was not updated for a long time. Now that we are trying to kick things back into life, at least to finish Mou I-yo and Pupipo!, we are going to use the old forum again for all new updates. This blog will not be updated. Pages are removed. Instead, you can visit the links at the header to get redirected to the old forum.

Raindrops Forum >

We are recruiting for Mou I-yo and Pupipo!. Any questions or problems, feel free to ask me. I may not check the forum that much (yet) because there’s only me around (T_T), so if you need me urgently, just send an e-mail to and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Here’s wishing to a bright 2016 ahead! 😀

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