I missed Pupipo!~

Do you feel like what the title says? Then rejoice, for a release is here!

Sorry for the delay, peeps, but finally today we managed to present Pupipo! chapter 4 to you. Grab the link at Pupipo!’s page right away to download the chapter. Online reader link will be available 24 hours from now, and as usual kindly don’t upload our release anywhere else during the first 24 hours.

Other projects are moving along slowly but surely. Please bear with us!

The only project not moving at the moment is Tokyo Little Gunners. We will need help from a Japanese translator to help with this series! We are also open to make this series our first joint series, so if your group is interested in working on this series and has an interested Japanese translator at least, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the chapter, and have a wonderful day. Until next time!

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