Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu Chapter 12

Hello, everyone!

As you read it, this week’s release is from Xing Gui! With chapter 12, we finally finished the second volume of Xing Gui. Yay! Actually there is still a extra chapter of second volume. It’s currently being translated and cleaned, so hopefully you’ll wait for us a bit more! We won’t ‘wait’ for the extra chapter; meaning if chapter 13 is ready faster than the extra chapter, then we’ll proceed with chapter 13. Extra chapter will be released when it’s ready – it’s an extra, after all.

We want to apologize in advance if you feel like the scans of this chapter is not very satisfying. We’re aware of ugly scans in some pages, can’t be helped because that’s the raws we get, can’t find any better. Sorry for this, and hopefully we can improve in next chapters. v_v

You can get the download link at Xing Gui’s project page or the forum, as usual. We thank you for not uploading our release at any online manga reader in the next 24 hours. You’re free to do so afterwards.

Other series are also progressing. Pupipo! is still being cooked, the chefs are busy but hopefully it can be ready soon. Yi Bi Zhi Ming and Mou I-yo too. We’re taking longer with Tokyo Little Gunners than we originally planned to, but we’ll do our best!

Until next release, see you around! 😀

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