I’m sorry, therefore, enjoy this candy.

Hello, everyone!

Finally a release post, haha~ But it’s not about Pupipo!, unfortunately. Sorry about that, the translator and the cleaner for the series are currently away due to certain business. But we’ll do our best to return next week with your usual need of Pupipo!~ We hope you’ll wait patiently with us! 😀

Not Pupipo!, today we’re releasing another chapter of our old project: Yi Bi Zhi Ming! Yeah, the series is finally kicking back up again. Here is the continuation from where we last left: chapter 4. Hopefully we can get a more stable release with this series soon, as we’re working hard to sort things out and provide the best. Download link can be grabbed at Yi Bi Zhi Ming’s page, and the do-not-upload-anywhere-within-the-first-24-hour rule is still applied in this release.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Thank you for staying with us. <3

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