Pupipo! Chapter 03~

amaya_011Another new chapter of Pupipo! is ready~

Links are at the usual place: Pupipo!’s page and at the forum. And also please do not upload our release anywhere else within the first 24 hours. It should be available at the following day.

Again the other series are still being worked on, so I hope you guys will be patient with us~ We’ll do our best, hehe. Thank you for the support, comments, critics, visits, clicks, and everything else.

Have a good day!

4 Responses to “Pupipo! Chapter 03~”

  1. Zwaanmeneer says:

    Thank you for the release ;

  2. Zwaanmeneer says:

    Well I can always point out a few things… I most often find stupid mistakes in my own things AFTER I release them. anyhow, a few finds after a quick look:
    First page is heavily blurred? the graytone is completely flat, there’s no pattern in it anymore.
    On overall, quite a lot of blur. The raws you’ve got are pretty good, try to blur a little less. When I tried a single page, a 10/15 surface blur (or maybe even less, forgot what it was exactly) at the full raw made it easy to get rid of the artifacts without blurring the art & graytones visibly when downsized.
    Second page, stroke around some texts is not white, but light gray. (Goes for more texts with a stroke later on) And on all pages except the first one (that one got cleaned differently) there’s this weird outline around the edges (the artifacts that I mentioned in an earlier release). They’re in the raw as well but they can be cleaned out.

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