Pupipo! Chapter 02.

amaya_008The second chapter of Pupipo! is ready, so grab the download link now or you can read it on Batoto tomorrow.

After discussing it with fellow staff members, we decided to make the download links and online reader links visible publicly again. Now all links are accessible through each series page without registering to our forum. We hope you like it better this way, but don’t forget to visit us at the forum! 😛

As usual, online link at Batoto will appear 24 hours after this release. Please do not upload our release anywhere else within the first 24 hours.

Other series are all in progress. Each has different schedule so some projects may not move as fast as we originally planned to, but we’re working on everything as fast as we can.

Until next time, pupipi~

2 Responses to “Pupipo! Chapter 02.”

  1. Zwaanmeneer says:

    Thank you.
    Back here with some more feedback. (Is this the right place for this? And if you don’t want me to bother you all with it, please say so)
    What I was mostly wondering about is why the first two pages (excluding the credit page) are cleaned so much differently from the rest. The rest of the chapter looks okay (there’s still the artifacts around the edges and some weird dusts but we can live with that) – Yet the first two pages are quite bad.
    In case of the first page, it’s heavily over-leveled. I have a screenshot comparison here with how I’d clean the page. I didn’t remove all dusts though, just did some quick things in a minute. http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/24618
    Mouseover is my version. Notice how all graytones are quite damaged by the heavy level to white in your version. There’s really no need to level that much.
    ( In order to get rid of the artifacts around the edges I introduced a little surface blur, just so it wouldn’t damage anything. Be careful with this though, you don’t want to end up with a blurry page. Photoshop’s Noise -> reduce noise filter an the despeckle filter both damage the screen-tones far more than a small surface blur)
    As for the second page, same thing with the leveling, over-leveled and some odd filter was used. I just compared it to the raw here; anyhow
    The right side is supposed to be a texture of dark gray, not black. And yeah, all tones got damaged again.
    The rest of the chapter was okay though.

    • phio_chan says:

      Okay, thank you for the feedback~ We’ll try to improve it next time. And it’s okay posting it here, I guess. :)

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