First chapter of Pupipo!~


After a while, we finally finish the first chapter of Pupipo! for you~ It is in full color and pretty short, your typical shounen series. We thank all of the staff members who have worked hard for this chapter and here’s hoping it’s gonna be a fun ride until the last chapter of the last volume! We hope you support us, readers, hehe~ Any problems or suggestions let us know.

As usual, you can grab the download link for this chapter at the forum. Online link at Batoto will appear 24 hours after this release. Please do not upload our release anywhere else within the first 24 hours.

We hope you enjoy this chapter, and stay with us for future releases!

2 Responses to “First chapter of Pupipo!~”

  1. A certain editor says:

    Thank for the chapter. Have to say this though.
    Your “cleaning” makes the pages look worse than the raws;
    Don’t blur those pages. Color pages are delicate and definitely do not need any blurring. It really made the whole chapter look terrible.
    Second. Don’t save color pages with limited colors png. Either use full color png or maximum quality jpeg (otherwise you get artifacts).
    Lastly. Please do not do that register to see links thing. It only makes it annoying for people, and you most likely won’t get a more active site. In fact, if I had any intention of signing up at your forum, it’s now completely gone. (Yes I did not grab the chapter from here). But yeah, this is just my personal opinion.
    This comment will probably be deleted but I just hoped you’d give it a careful read- I am trying to give you some cleaning suggestions. Anyhow, will be looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully without blur. (I could go on about every little thing, but this is enough for now)

    • phio_chan says:

      (I really wish there is a name I can address you with. :P)

      Hi! Thank you for writing all those suggestions. I’ll pass it to our cleaners. Each cleaner’s ability is different and there is always a room for improvement. Hopefully we can do better for similar cases in the future. And about download links, we’ll consider things again, thank you for the suggestion~ ^^

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