New future project and updates.

44Hello again, everyone!

Unfortunately, not a release. I believe there will be a delicacy for you soon enough… *fingers crossed*

But no, today I want to present yet another future project of Raindrops! Upon receiving lots of love from translators, we have decided to add one future project. Future project means that we’ll most probably take the series when we have completed any of our current projects (and because we need to hunt the raws for this series~). If anyone can help us with the following series in any way (being a staff member or can provide raws for the series), please do let us know!


Title: Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku

Alternative Title: Invading the World All Alone, Lonely Alien

Author/Artist: Ogawa Maiko

Year: 2012

Demographics: Shounen, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Supernatural

Status: Ongoing, 2 Volumes

Kouichi has looked forward to becoming a high schooler for one reason: to help continue his grandfather’s coffee shop. But on the first day of school, a strange girl wearing an eerie mask tells him that she has come to take his life. She tells him that the heart beating within his chest is her own, and that she is an alien invader who has come to take over the world.



We do hope that we can proceed to this series very soon! In case you haven’t noticed, the series we mentioned previously (Pupipo!, Tokyo Little Gunners, and Mou I-yo) already got translators so we’re moving them to active projects. What the team lacks at this moment are cleaners, so if you want us to produce cookies faster please consider joining us! There’s no real test so it should be easy, hoho. Head to the forum for more info on recruitment.

Well then, until our next meet, stay safe and healthy~ *yawns*

4 Responses to “New future project and updates.”

  1. Levsta says:

    Sweet.  I’m glad I wrote up a summary ahead of time lol.  It obviously came in handy here.
    I really do hope we can work on it in the future.  In the meantime, though, Pupipo!
    (I’ll try asking my friends if they want to clean.  Some of them might have some free time.  Or not, lol)

    • phio_chan says:

      That will be very splendid! People are so busy nowadays, it’s hard to find cleaners, haha~ *bows* Thanks a lot. Hopefully we can scan this awesome series soon!!

  2. thornister says:

    Guys.. I’m crying… finally there’s a group that want to scanlate this awesome manga! Thanks! I’m waiting and I hope this manga will become popular, here and in Japan so it’ll become an anime someday :)

    • phio_chan says:

      Thank you! 😀

      As we said above, though, this is currently a future project. We have quite a lot at hands now and are still preparing the raws. I too hope that we can work on this someday since it looks interesting.

      Stay patient with us! XD

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