Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu chapter 11 is out!

324Finally! The long awaited day is here, hoho~ With this I guess the group is officially back in business, no? Well, we still have a long way to go. From now on we’re going to try to do our best, but because everyone is busy we can’t promise regular releases. All that we can say is that we’ll try hard in each chapter as soon as we can! If you want to help us produce releases faster, please consider joining us by reading our recruitment information. We are in need of translators and cleaners. Go to the recruitment page at the blog or forum to know more about that.

Without further ado, you can grab chapter 11 of Xing Gui at the forum. Link at Batoto will appear 24 hours after this release. Please do not upload our release anywhere else within the first 24 hours – we will check around. Kindly support us with this one thing, readers.

Don’t forget to thank the staff members who have worked hard for this chapter! And as usual, any problem or strange thing about the release can be addressed directly to us. Thank you very much, hope you enjoy the chapter! :3

4 Responses to “Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu chapter 11 is out!”

  1. bee says:

    kinda late but glad to see you guys back, welcome back 8D! thank you for the release ;w;

  2. Dạ Vũ says:

    Woahhhhhhhhh, new chap ><
    welcome back :3
    Btw, this manhua is so cool
    love u <3

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