Still in progress.. and still recruiting!

368We are going slow, yeah. Not surprising given everyone is busy and no one applied to help us to move faster. *cries in the corner* So that’s why, please help us! Tell your friends, recommend us to someone you know who can help us to release faster. Ehehe. We will do our best too! A little spoiler for you, Xing Gui should be ready for release soon. And we’re trying to move forward with Yi Bi Zhi Ming and Messiah, finishing what we left behind from the last we stopped, but we still need help, especially for translators and cleaners. And not to mention our future projects! So read the information below right away:

Messiah –

* Cleaners (1-2)

Tokyo Little Gunners! –

* Cleaners (1-2)

If you are interested to apply, check our recruitment section at the forum and read the application instructions there. If you are confused, you can leave a comment here or at the forum.

Look forward for your help, and stay tuned for our releases! <3

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