We’re (almost) back!

334Ah, yeah. Hello, ladies and gents. Now where have we been for the last year… I’m not sure myself. Everywhere?

Did you miss us? /hopeful-thinking

Anyways, the team was completely disorganized and in chaos and eventually went apart. Lately I have been trying to revive it, gathering old and new members. For now we are planning to continue Xing Gui only. If time goes by and we’re proven stable enough, we may choose to continue the other projects.

That brings us to the main problem: recruitment! To be able to proceed properly, we are in urgent need of Chinese translators and quality checkers. I can assure you that Xing Gui is not too troublesome to handle, and we won’t have deadlines as strict as we used to be, so don’t be scared and please join us! You can contact the team by posting a comment here or register at the forum and follow the recruitment process explained there.

Looking forward to your help, and let’s hope this time we will stay around for good! <3

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