Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu Chapter 10

You see how fast we can go if we have someone who is willing to QC for us? 😛

Either way, one more release in the beginning of December, which is Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu chapter 10. As usual, you can grab the download link by directly go to Xing Gui’s own page. The chapter will be uploaded to the online manga reader as soon as we can; we are facing several problems with it and are trying to solve it.

As usual, our release policy:

Please do not upload our release within the next 24 hours at any site. Only staff team members is allowed to upload our works within the first 24 hours.

Just FYI, this is the last chapter ready we have in stock. Starting chapter 11 I will first have to dig on the staff who were working for this series to see if they are still interested to work after our short hiatus… I just hope things would turn better this way.

Thank you for still visiting us and checking our releases. I can’t promise much, but I will see what we can do. Have a good day! 😀


Update: all chapters of Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu are up on our online reader now. Click here to read them.

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