Updates and Future Possibilities

Hello, visitors of Raindrops Scanlation.

First of all, I would like to say thank you for still sticking with us and checking our releases. We are pretty much silent and ‘dead’ since most of the staff members are gone due to their own business (including me, actually) and I am deeply sorry about that. Various things happened, but we are still trying to give our best to work on the series we’ve decided to work on with the best quality we can provide.

So, that is our situation. And with it, I decided to put several titles on hold. A complete update on our status:

We are no longer working on La Corda, and we dropped Yumeiro Patissiere because the group who was once working on it now has continued this series. We are putting Dare mo Shiranai on hold because we are yet to find the raw. For the rest of the series (Ouke no Monshou, Messiah, and Yi Bi Zhi Ming) I will first go check who can still do what and open a recruitment for empty slots. We are definitely going to continue working on Xing Gui as hard as we can.

Therefore, please support us by spreading the words of our recruitment or check the recruitment page right away.

Thank you for the support this far, and hopefully we can find a way out of this soon enough! 😀

5 Responses to “Updates and Future Possibilities”

  1. Altair says:

    Hey, if you’d like, I’ll come back for a while! I’m willing to do my old duties! ^^
    It HAS been a long time. Though by spring, I will probably have to drop again. 

    • phio_chan says:

      Thanks, Altair-san! I’ll contact the current names first and then let you know the results. Having you back sounds so great! ^___^

  2. Konan says:

    hey, do you need other hand for ouke no monshou? i mean exclude the translate cause clearly i dont know chinese. But if you need help in upload, finding raw i can help you :)

    • phio_chan says:

      Hey there, Konan! Thank you for showing interest in us. At this moment we can have our hands on Ouke no Monshou’s raws just fine, so thank you for your offer but we have to decline it now. ^^; I hope you would keep supporting us~ :)

  3. Konan says:

    Well sure. Since i have almost done with my senior year, i have plenty free time, so if you want i can help anytime ^^

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