Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu Chapter 8 and 9

Hi everyone! We are still alive!

December has made its arrival and we are back with a double release of Xing Gui chapters. These chapters were long done but a lack of QCers on the staff made a rather extensive delay of the releases. But we’ve managed and downloads are available on Xing Gui’s own page. We will upload these chapters onto our manga reader very soon as well. We apologize about the extended delay to our readers, chapter 10 has been typesetted and will be ready for your eyes very soon as well.

As usual, our release policy:

Please do not upload our release within the next 24 hours at any site. Only staff team members is allowed to upload our works within the first 24 hours.

On that note, we are seriously in need of help for QCers, if you or you know a friend who can lend us a hand, please check our our recruitment forum to check out the information and apply! We’d really appreciate your help, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Thanks again for everybody’s support, and we will be working hard to get more releases out! Feel free to check out our IRC channels! :)


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  1. saisais says:

    ch7 link on projects is broken can you please reupload

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