Very slow, sorry.

…I am alive. We are alive. Somehow.

I would like to apologize to everyone for not releasing anything for quite a long time. Everyone has been busy, including me; with college restarts, basically my free time to manage and take care of online things has decreased tremendously. Not to mention that the team members are busy themselves as well. We will try our best to keep the projects rolling on, though I have no idea how fast we can be. I hope you will stay patient with us. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, once again.

Some important things I would like let you all know:

  • Raindrops Scanlations would like to drop La Corda D’Oro 3. Our apologies to all fans of La Corda D’Oro 3, but the team has reached this conclusion. The reason is mainly because it has been licensed in English, there are not enough team members to work on it, and because the raw is inconsistent and quite hard to find. Thank you to everyone who has been very helpful with this series and for all readers.
  • Raindrops Scanlations needs Chinese translators! One of our Chinese translators is away due to school. She is responsible for three series: Yi Bi Zhi Ming, Ouke no Monshou, and Yumeiro Patissiere. We are very short-handed on Chinese translators now, and without them we won’t be able to move on. The other translators are busy themselves. So unless we can recruit more translators, those three series would be put on hold. Please check the recruitment section and apply if you can help and want to see our releases faster! :3

That is all, I think. Feel free to ask if you have questions. Have a great day. :)

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