Two new future projects!

06Hi there, guys!

Not a release, but I’m here to announce that Raindrops Scanlations are taking two titles as our future projects (which soon going to be our active projects): Yumeiro Patissiere and Dare mo Shiranai (Japanese, seinen version)! We are going to continue scanning Yumeiro Patissiere from the latest chapter out (which can be found at MangaFox), as well as Dare mo Shiranai. Dare mo Shiranai has two versions, and we decided to pick the seinen version to give a different feeling to the group overall projects. We have some shoujo series, Messiah is one shounen series, and adding seinen to our projects perhaps could be a fresh start for ourselves too.

That being said, stay tuned with us when we start working on those series! We are in need of help from Chinese translators for our projects. One of the translators is going to be very busy soon, so we’ll need a helping hand or we will have to push some projects as long-term series. Surely we don’t want this happened? Check the recruitment page or head over straight to the forum for the most complete information. Any questions, ask it: through e-mails, at the forum, or by visiting us at our IRC channel!

See you soon, and enjoy your day~

3 Responses to “Two new future projects!”

  1. Misty says:

    Great! I can’t wait~
    I’;; try to help recruit my Chinese friends, (Since they’re all Chinese-as-first-language people, but they don’t like manga.. T-T) 

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