In trouble, ooo…

Yo, everyone. I’m half dead here. 😛

I want to say sorry to everyone for the slow releases. Things are not going very well for some of the staff members, and even more: we only have ONE quality checker, while she is busy herself and there are some chapters need to be quality checked before release! It’s so close, yet we have to wait so long because of lack of quality checkers. Therefore, if you have time and skill it takes for quality checking, please apply to us right away. I’d like to emphasize time and skill here. Do not apply to us if you feel like you won’t be able to devote enough time for your work. We don’t need someone who apply, do one chapter, then disappear into thin air without notification. And we’re currently in need for someone who know what he or she has to do in quality checking. Just to make sure we have the same definition, quality check means that you need to check both the language and the scans are in good quality. That requires a good English skill and a knowledge in editing manga/manhua scans.

In such a pinch condition, I receive some suggestions for new series for us to work on. I’m happy with the suggestions, but sad as well because at this moment I don’t think we can take anymore series. However, I’d still like to hear your opinions about these suggestions; who knows that maybe someday in the future we can work on them once we have a better staffing. There are two suggestions of series to work on:

I would really appreciate it if you would sign up at the forum, vote, and post your opinion about those two suggestions. Click on those titles to be redirected to the suggestion thread.

That’s all for now. Don’t worry, we’ll always work hard! So stay with us, hopefully we’ll get to release more soon! 😀

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