Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu volume 1 completed!

Hello, people! Another release from Raindrops Scanlation.

We’re moving pretty slow because we’re very short-handed on quality checkers (so please, please, apply to us if you can help as a quality checker; refer to the recruitment page for more information), but finally we can get ourselves moving on this chapter. Xing Gui’s chapter 6 is released today, and with that, we have finally completed the first volume of our first manhua! :cheers: I’d like to thank all team members who have been working splendidly, and more importantly huge thanks to all readers out there who encourage us to keep working on this series.

We’re going to continue with the next volume as soon as possible. The situation is pretty hectic, with some team members busy and gone on hiatus, so we can’t help but getting delayed on this. Hopefully you guys will understand and still support us.

Enjoy this chapter, and have a nice day~

4 Responses to “Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu volume 1 completed!”

  1. cocona says:

    thank you so so much guys ! I am so grateful for all your struggles you are doing to release this manhwa ! such a great story !! thank you !!!

  2. Celestine says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

  3. phio_chan says:

    You’re welcome, guys, and thanks for your support~ ^__^
    @cocona: I’ve just realized that you said ‘manhwa’ while Xing Gui is actually a ‘manhua’. XD

  4. ruthienick says:

    congratulations, phio-chan 😀
    i agree on out need for QCers. Amika’s been doing practically everything D:

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