Yi Bi Zhi Ming’s first chapter!

amy_138Hello, everyone!

After being delayed for a while, we’re finally ready with Yi Bi Zhi Ming! The first chapter has been released today. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this chapter possible. As usual, if you want to see how the chapter looks like, feel free to visit Yi Bi Zhi Ming’s page to get the download link. We will upload it to an online manga reader as soon as we can so check back if you’d like.

Yi Bi Zhi Ming is pretty interesting, should I personally speaking. It involves magic; one element that I’ve always liked to read and know about, with the art of summoning. This first chapter is still opening and introducing characters, so there might not be much. So I’m looking forward for the next chapter.

That being said, I hope you guys enjoy this new series. See you on the next release! 😀

4 Responses to “Yi Bi Zhi Ming’s first chapter!”

  1. Magic says:

    Does this series have any romance? I’m in the mood for a love story right about now, and I don’t want to pick this up if it doesn’t have any — so could you please let me know?

  2. me says:

    wah, this looks so pretty! thnaks cnat wait to read :)

  3. magic says:

    Oh, I see. Well, that’s okay. I might still read it once it’s further scanlated, I guess.
    Thank you for the info!

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