Three releases in a day!

Hi there, everyone! It sure has been a while since our last release, sorry about that… There were certain problems. We are still in the middle of solving it, and fortunately we could still release some chapters for you!

So today, we released two new chapters for Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu, which is chapter 4 and chapter 5. The story sure is getting, interesting, eh? Don’t forget Messiah ~Seiiki Ishyuu~ as well, as we got chapter 3 ready for you to enjoy! All those chapters can be downloaded on each series section. We are going to upload it to some online manga readers and will give you the link on the section for each title as well, so stay tuned with us.

For a quick update as well, we might take things a bit slow from now on, as we’re planning to do some internal changes. LOL. Hopefully after the changes, we would be able to provide you releases with a more steady pace. We’re gonna do our best to keep progressing and releasing chapters, so stay with us, please. XD

Enjoy the chapters and have a nice day!~

6 Responses to “Three releases in a day!”

  1. dawa says:

    i think there are missing pages in chapter 4

    • phio_chan says:

      Hmm, I’ve checked back and I think there are no missing pages. Would you care enough to show us which pages are missing? Thank you! 😀

  2. dawa says:

    according numbering on the page – 88 and 89 and even in your numbering from page 28 jump to page 30

    • phio_chan says:

      Goodness. I thought there was a raw page that’s missing, it turned out that it’s missing a cleaned page already. XD So sorry about that, I’ll update this as soon as I can. :)

  3. dawa says:

    ok i will wait
    Finally thank you for the chapters

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