Ouke no Monshou chapter 11 for you!

Good evening, everyone! (…Well, it’s evening here when I made this post, so…)

I’m here to give you our latest release. You might have heard this series before, or you might have not. Either way, there are actually some other groups which had been working on this series, yet along the way they dropped it one by one. At the end, no one left to continue this very, very long series anymore. And so we, Raindrops Scanlation, would like to try our abilities to work on this manga titled Ouke no Monshou (Daughter of the Nile) by Hosokawa Chieko. More information about this series and our releases can be found on Ouke no Monshou page. You can get there through the link on the right side of the home page or by navigating to out “Projects” tab.

We have released chapter 11 today. Why from chapter 11? Because after discussing it with Asayume, up to chapter 10, the scans are pretty good. So we don’t see why we should start right from chapter 1. And since we also want to continue the plot, starting from chapter 1 would take much time.

Enjoy this release, I hope. Sorry for the delay on Xing Gui; there are some issues about it, but we’re getting it worked right now. Stay with us, and see you at the next release! :)

6 Responses to “Ouke no Monshou chapter 11 for you!”

  1. tehaa says:

    Thanks for the release :)

    To be honest I’d hoped you’d start from v.15 c57 because v15-v18 isn’t translated

  2. wollfyn says:

    Yay for Ouke no Monshou! I have been addicted to this wonderful manga. Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to more. *big glompy hug*

  3. kirika says:

    Kya~ I was hoping that someone would eventually pick up where Little Wolf-Angels lefts off!
    Thank you so much, and good luck seeing this through ^_^

  4. phio_chan says:

    Thank you for your support, guys! 😀

    @tehaa: I do hope that we would get to such point. Like what kirika said on the third comment, we decided to start from where Littlewolf Angels left of because we think we would be able to provide a better translation for chapters after chapter 11. Wish us luck, I hope we would be able to reach that chapter one day! :)

  5. olinatasha says:

    Thank you for picking up this work.  It has certainly been, well, frustrating trying to read this story.  I can only imagine the difficulties other groups have encountered with this project.  It has been, as you said, dropped so often.  I look forward to your scanlations of it.  I also hope you can make it to the end.  Again, thank you very much; I have waited patiently for a long time for this story.  You guys are awesome to give it a shot.

    • phio_chan says:

      Thanks for the encouraging, olinatasha! We will do our best. There is still a long way ahead of us, so keep supporting us, I hope. Meanwhile, we will do all we can. :)

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