Missing Translation on Messiah’s chapter 02?

amaya_013Hi there, everyone!

I’ve just seen that there is an error on our scans for Messiah ~Seiiki Ishyuu~ chapter 02, page 25. There is a missing translation at the bottom right of the page. We are very sorry for that. We have fixed the page and have re-uploaded the correct chapter for you. You can go directly to Messiah’s page where you can see all our released chapters for Messiah, or just click here to be redirected to the chapter itself. Thank you very much to -ALT- and Amika for their quick work on this.

Feel free to report to us if you ever find something like this again in the future. We will do our best to avoid such mistake, but since we are humans as well, we can’t help to make mistake once in a while, you know? XD So it’ll be very¬† much appreciated if you let us know! Thanks a lot, and enjoy the chapter. :)

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