Raindrops Scans Version 2.0

amaya_012Hey everyone, this is Asayume, the other admin of Raindrops Scans! (also the tech person and one of the translators here hoho XD)

In celebration of the double release of Xing Gui and various other project releases, I’ve decided to give our webpage a make over. Hope everyone enjoys the light and more free-styled[?] look. Our four main projects are now listed near the header, making it easy for everyone to come on here and grab our latest releases!^_^

[and for course, link to Ouke no Monshou is also listed on the sidebar. ^^;]

Feel free to browse around the site for the new features, and subscribe to get the latest updates! And of course, thanks to everyone for supporting us! XD


P.S. We now have a mobile version too! ^_^

2 Responses to “Raindrops Scans Version 2.0”

  1. phio_chan says:

    Yay, huge thanks to you! *hugs* But mobile version? :O

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