New Project: Yi Bi Zhi Ming

Hello, everyone!

After discussing it a while, we decided to pick one more series to work on as our active project. It is a manhua titled Yi Bi Zhi Ming by Zhu Sha! The information of the series can be found here on MangaUpdates. This is the summary:

First year university student, ZiMo, suddenly receives news of his brother-in-law’s death. On top of that, at the funeral, he learns that his brother-in-law is a master of the name spell technique and that he chose ZiMo as his successor! This is the way the spirit domain’s gates opened before ZiMo…

We are aware that there was another group working on this series, but it was only as far as 2 chapters. Therefore we decided to pick this up, since it lookss pretty interesting. We decided to take on this project since we will have to wait for Messiah and La Corda D’Oro 3’s raws to come out. While waiting for them, we’re going to do Xing Gui and this series, together with our long-term project, Ouke no Monshou. We hope everything will go smoothly!

Don’t forget that we’re still recruiting as well. Refer to the recruitment page to see more details of what we need.

Enjoy this new addition, and thank you for supporting us! 😀

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