Messiah ~Seiiki Ishyuu~ Chapter 02 Ready!

Hi there, readers and visitors of Raindrops Scanlation!

One more release from Raindrops Scanlation for all of you. We present you the latest chapter of Messiah ~Seiiki Ishyuu~, which is chapter 02. As usual, the download link can be grabbed on Messiah’s own page, and the link to online manga reader will be added as soon as we can. We would like to thank everyone who has worked hard and fast as much as they can to make this release possible! Cheers to all of you! 😛

Anyway, it seems like we won’t be having any release of Messiah at the moment, since chapter 02 is the latest raw we can find on the internet at the moment. However, we will keep our eyes on various site to check on the next chapters! If you have information about Messiah’s next raw, do share it with us so we will stay updated with this series.

Meanwhile, as we wait for Messiah’s next chapter, we’re going to do our best to work on Xing Gui, Yi Bi Zhi Ming, and Ouke no Monshou. We hope that we can work in a faster pace, but still steady.

Enjoy this release, and thank you for your support! 😀

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  1. ruthienick says:

    hurrah i say :3

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