Messiah Prologue and Chapter 01 Released!

Hello, everyone!

We are very sorry for the very slow release and short hiatus. Everyone was so busy, me included, and some other personal issues; and so the projects were somehow falling off our hands… But we tried our best to catch up with things, and here we are! A double release for today, we have finished working on the prologue chapter and first chapter of a manga titled Messiah ~Seiiki Ishyuu~. You can check Messiah’s page by browsing on our page for Messiah at the navigation bar.

Stay tuned for next release, as we’re planning on doing a double release of Xing Gui soon enough! If you want to help us to be able to work faster, do lend us your help. We are in need of one more cleaner and around two more quality checkers as back up when the other team member has to be away for a certain period of time.

Enjoy this release, and see you soon! ^__^

4 Responses to “Messiah Prologue and Chapter 01 Released!”

  1. ruthienick says:

    I am to blame for the long release…
    Anyway, congrats! Thanks for everyone who helped.

  2. Thank you very much for picking up Messiah ^^

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