Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu Chapter 01

Our first release, oh my goodness! *teary eyes*

After so much delays due to our business in real life and also about license issues of manga we were planning to scanlate, we finally finished our first chapter. And so today marked the history of Raindrops Scanlation: the first release ever!

This first release is “dedicated” for the first chapter of Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu. You can read more of this series’ information at its own page, together with a complete list of our download links and online reader links available for each chapter.

We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting us all this time! Don’t give up on us, will you? :3 We would love to hear feedback from you too, so don’t be shy to tell us what you think of our works.

Anyway, enjoy the first release! 😀

6 Responses to “Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu Chapter 01”

  1. azurelia says:

    Thank you so much for picking up this series, the art is beautiful and the story looks interesting. Congrats on your first release, hopefully one of many more to come. Keep up the good work!

    Lily x

  2. phio_chan says:

    You are welcome, azurelia! Thank you for reading our first release. We hope you enjoy it. We'll do our best for the next projects. :)

  3. Joana says:

    thanks for scanlating this project !! keep up the good work please !
    awww just one question : hasn't this manhua already been scanlated till chapter 4 ? but I think the team doing it gave it up since it has been such a long time no release have been made … anyway I hope you will continue it without giving it up because it seems a really entertaining story !!

  4. phio_chan says:

    Thank you for your support, Joana! :)
    Yes, it has been scanlated until chapter 4. At least that's what we know available at MangaFox. It has been dropped by the previous group doing it, so we'll continue it. We'll do our best, so stay tuned with us! :)

  5. Joana says:

    aww I see : ) then thank you sooo much for willing to work on it !! I am really grateful you are doing such a hard work to scanlate it and continue this nice story ! I will stay tune with you !! thanksss a lot again for your hard work !!

  6. phio_chan says:

    You are very much welcome! Thank you for your support as well, it means a lot. 😀

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