Dropped: Gate 7

Hello, everyone.

I’m here to bring you quite a sad news: We are going to drop Gate 7. We are not going to continue working on this series since it has been licensed. Although it is not been licensed in US yet (it’s only in France so far), I don’t want to take risk for doing this series. Rather than wasting our time and power doing something ‘dangerous’ like this, we can use it to work on another series. I am sorry to say this. Another delay to Raindrops first release. :sigh:

However, with us dropping Gate 7, we can now work on Xing Gui and STA altogether, which makes three projects for us now, including Ouke no Monshou. Ouke no Monshou is going pretty slow for us since we still need to find raws and the translator responsible for this series is on semi-hiatus, but we are going to work on it somehow, don’t worry. :3

Thank you for all your attention and support. Have a nice day!

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