Hi, everyone!

This is Phio from Raindrops Scanlations. Thank you to everyone who may still visit this deserted blog. Raindrops went on hiatus for years; the blog and forum was not updated for a long time. Now that we are trying to kick things back into life, at least to finish Mou I-yo and Pupipo!, we are going to use the old forum again for all new updates. This blog will not be updated. Pages are removed. Instead, you can visit the links at the header to get redirected to the old forum.

Raindrops Forum > http://s4.zetaboards.com/raindrops/index/

We are recruiting for Mou I-yo and Pupipo!. Any questions or problems, feel free to ask me. I may not check the forum that much (yet) because there’s only me around (T_T), so if you need me urgently, just send an e-mail to pinklovegreen@hotmail.com and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Here’s wishing to a bright 2016 ahead! 😀

Do you feel like what the title says? Then rejoice, for a release is here!

Sorry for the delay, peeps, but finally today we managed to present Pupipo! chapter 4 to you. Grab the link at Pupipo!’s page right away to download the chapter. Online reader link will be available 24 hours from now, and as usual kindly don’t upload our release anywhere else during the first 24 hours.

Other projects are moving along slowly but surely. Please bear with us!

The only project not moving at the moment is Tokyo Little Gunners. We will need help from a Japanese translator to help with this series! We are also open to make this series our first joint series, so if your group is interested in working on this series and has an interested Japanese translator at least, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the chapter, and have a wonderful day. Until next time!


Sorry for the late release post this week. I was away for a community project created by my batch for the whole weekend (in fact it was from Thursday, right after exam -__-) so I hadn’t been able to do any work or update. I spent this entire day to catch up with things, and so managed to get a release ready for you!

Still no Pupipo! this time, I’m sorry. We’re trying to wrap it up as soon as we can, so please bear with us. No dropping projects! So don’t worry too fast, haha~ Today’s release is from our new series: Mou I-yo! With this we’re releasing the first chapter. Mou I-yo is a one-shot shoujo, consists of 4 chapters with loosely related short stories inside. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do! Mou I-yo’s page has been updated with download link at MediaFire. A link to read online will be available 24 hours from now; during that period please do not upload the release anywhere else.

Any questions or critics, let us know. Be sure to thank the staff members who made this project possible too!

See you very soon! <3

Hello, everyone!

As you read it, this week’s release is from Xing Gui! With chapter 12, we finally finished the second volume of Xing Gui. Yay! Actually there is still a extra chapter of second volume. It’s currently being translated and cleaned, so hopefully you’ll wait for us a bit more! We won’t ‘wait’ for the extra chapter; meaning if chapter 13 is ready faster than the extra chapter, then we’ll proceed with chapter 13. Extra chapter will be released when it’s ready – it’s an extra, after all.

We want to apologize in advance if you feel like the scans of this chapter is not very satisfying. We’re aware of ugly scans in some pages, can’t be helped because that’s the raws we get, can’t find any better. Sorry for this, and hopefully we can improve in next chapters. v_v

You can get the download link at Xing Gui’s project page or the forum, as usual. We thank you for not uploading our release at any online manga reader in the next 24 hours. You’re free to do so afterwards.

Other series are also progressing. Pupipo! is still being cooked, the chefs are busy but hopefully it can be ready soon. Yi Bi Zhi Ming and Mou I-yo too. We’re taking longer with Tokyo Little Gunners than we originally planned to, but we’ll do our best!

Until next release, see you around! 😀

Hello, everyone!

Finally a release post, haha~ But it’s not about Pupipo!, unfortunately. Sorry about that, the translator and the cleaner for the series are currently away due to certain business. But we’ll do our best to return next week with your usual need of Pupipo!~ We hope you’ll wait patiently with us! 😀

Not Pupipo!, today we’re releasing another chapter of our old project: Yi Bi Zhi Ming! Yeah, the series is finally kicking back up again. Here is the continuation from where we last left: chapter 4. Hopefully we can get a more stable release with this series soon, as we’re working hard to sort things out and provide the best. Download link can be grabbed at Yi Bi Zhi Ming’s page, and the do-not-upload-anywhere-within-the-first-24-hour rule is still applied in this release.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Thank you for staying with us. <3